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JFF: What Adorable (Or Odd) Words Have Your Children Come up With?

I LOVE listening to little kids talk. Their attempts at language are so charming, and often funny. Instead of "good," my grandson said "dood" when he was learning to talk, and my husband and I will still sometimes use this word with each other.

My daughter, nearly 40 years ago, was trying to tell me about hurting her "nut holes" one day. I was puzzled and asked her to show me what nut holes were … knuckles! I'll probably think of a few more after I post this, but I'd love it if you share some of YOUR favorites.

ADDED: Oh, I just remembered a very cute one by Grandboy: when he was learning the names of his body parts, he would say "teckitals." I'm pretty sure you'll know what those are…

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These are marvelous, and some are even multi-cultural! Thanks for the contributions, mamas, I love 'em.

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For a while when he cried, he would call his tears his feelings. Like " I need a tissue to wipe my feelings!"

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my oldest son called a ball - Gadickadee - we have video of it...


Say it fast - Gahdickadee!!! Gahdickadee!!! Gahdickadee!!!

ANYTIME he saw a ball - Gahdickadee!!! didn't matter what type of ball it was! Gahdickadee!!!

His blanket was his "pancake"

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My 2 year old calls me "Monney" instead of Mommy. And calls Grandma "Mama". Says "busy" when she wants held, lol.

She also says "oh ship!" And she's not talking about a boat, Haha.

Her younger sister is nicknamed Munchkin because she's so tiny. She calls her "Munchy". :)

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For a while when he cried, he would call his tears his feelings. Like " I need a tissue to wipe my feelings!"

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My almost three year old calls my breasts "feed yous" because I would say, "Mommy feed you?" when she was a baby. The other day Daddy came out without a shirt on, and she shrieked and shouted "Look, Mommy! Daddy has feed yous!"

As far as words go...she used to say "pete a boo", which was so adorable, she says "gurd night", and today she told me, "Mommy, it is certainly ridiculous for me to sit in a chair. I want to stand." Ah, children. It is so adorable when they start to use big words, but still have such a baby voice.

Oh, and she calls her spoon a "poon." When she drops her spoon into her high chair, she'll be digging around between her legs and saying, "Mommy, I can't get my poon!" Oh my.

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When my youngest started school, he kept telling me he wanted to go to Africa. Turns out it was Aftercare.

My oldest called caterpillars coo poos

Middle child called chips "beesh" and breasts were "night night"

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My most favorite is a Mother's Day card I got from my oldest son when he was in 2nd grade. (he is now 13)

"Happy Mother's Day Mom! You are the best!! I love you all the way to URANUS!!"

He had absolutely NO idea how funny it really was. No concept that it had a double meaning. I asked him why he chose that planet...just prodding to find out if he knew what it meant. All the while stifling my snort laugh. He said, "It is my most favorite planet and really far away so I love you that far!"

Oh my..it was just the funniest and sweetest moment all wrapped up together. It wasn't until just a couple years ago that he finally understood what anus meant...your anus. It clicked and he laughed so hard.

Now he will jokingly say "Happy Mother's Day mom...I love you all the way to your butt." Not so cute and funny now...just funny to see my teenage boy getting a kick out of it years later.

We keep a color coded composition book for each of our kids so we can write down all these funny and sweet moments. We all love cuddling up and reading through the years of cuteness. Now we have many years worth of memories and us writing letters to them...these books are treasures to us.

Great post!!

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When my youngest was smaller she called Sleeping Beauty "Spankin Booty".

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email for oatmeal
people for pita
farmerstack for thermostat
once cried when dh said he was putting teriyaki sauce on his dinner - he thought dh had said "very yucky" sauce

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My son says "mice cream." It's really cute!!

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Kiddo has been fascinated by monsters, and one day announced that 'mushkins' lived under his bed. I was *sure* he said 'munchkins' and proceeded to show him a small, witch-less clip from YouTube.

No, they were not the dreaded mushkins. Apparently, mushkins are bad guys who live in coffins under the bed. Who knew? :p

Oh, and he can't say "Amelia Bedelia".. it's "Amelia Kadevlia". Silly.

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